Our philosophy...

Bring care to the people

All too often, the sick and injured are waiting too long to access emergency health care. With Specialist Event Medical - Victoria, we bring comprehensive care to your event ensuring people have ready access to the very best practitioners right there when they are needed.

Often we can remove the need for people to attend a hospital Emergency Department and we can often enable people to stay and enjoy the event who might otherwise have needed to seek hospital care off-site.

We have a comprehensive range of medical treatments available onsite for public access - free of charge to patients.

boy in blue and white suit plastic toy
boy in blue and white suit plastic toy

Expert knowledge, expert care.

At Specialist Event Medical - Victoria, we put experts in the field. Our lead Health Professionals are Doctors and Nurses in Emergency and Intensive Care medicine, backed by support staff with extensive experience in providing emergency care.

Our staff possess knowledge and equipment to deal efficiently and professionally with any situation that arises. We will work with the Event Management Team to ensure the safe and enjoyable execution of any size event.

Medical Director, Dr Luke Smith is a Fellow of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine and possesses over 5000 hours of providing medical care at public events.