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About us

Specialist Event Medical - Victoria provides Field Hospital services through Registered Medical Practitioners, Nurses and Paramedics to provide expert health care to events throughout South East Australia.

Specialist Event Medical - Victoria has achieved certification of compliance with the ISO-9001:2015 Quality Management System standard, so customers can have confidence in our service.

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Consulting services

Specialist Event Medical - Victoria can also provide consultation on:

  • Health related risk management strategies

  • Public health plans and arrangements

  •  Pre-hospital care guidelines and policies

  • Independent clinical case reviews

Event Based Healthcare

All too often people who have been accidentally injured or become unwell at a public event are left waiting lengthy periods for treatment or an ambulance to take them to where they can receive appropriate care.

At Specialist Event Medical - Victoria we bring expert medical care to your event, ensuring injured persons have access to the very best care as soon as possible after their injury.

Our service integrates with both public and private healthcare systems, GPs, Specialist Medical Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals as well as diagnostic services and pharmacies to ensure patient care continues after your event.

person in blue long sleeve shirt wearing white mask
person in blue long sleeve shirt wearing white mask

Bring the Hospital to your event.

Specialist Event Medical - Victoria can provide the following clinical services at no cost to individual patients:

  • Medical Practitioner consultation

  • Advanced resuscitation and cardiac life support

  • Provision of advanced pain relief, including Morphine or Fentanyl where appropriate

  • Access to early diagnostic modalities through ECG, blood tests or ultrasound scanning

  • Trauma care

  • Advanced management of head injuries and concussion

  • Management of bone fractures (including plaster splints or casts)

  • Management of dislocated joints

  • Haemorrhage (bleeding) control

  • Advanced wound care (including wound "glue" and stitching)

  • Control of seizures

  • Investigation and management of medical problems including chest or abdominal pain, palpitations

  • Advanced management of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat problems

  • Access to antibiotics and other urgent medications

  • Provision of referrals, medication prescriptions and medical certificates

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