Specialist care is just the beginning

Specialist Event Medical - Victoria provides best quality medical services to public and private events and gatherings. Assisted by technology and equipment and using Specialist Emergency Physicians at the centre of our service, we can offer medical services that are not available elsewhere. 

We can bring the hospital to the event and if the need arises, we can initiate life saving treatments well before the ambulance can arrive, or the patient can get to a hospital. 

Examples include early administration of intravenous morphine or fentanyl for people with serious injuries after falling from a horse or obstacle course, initiation of head injury treatments for sports players who have suffered concussion or clearance of cervical spine injuries after an awkward tackle. 

We offer best practice management of persons affected by recreational substances at dance parties or music festivals and we can offer consultation and onward referral to medical specialists in the event of acute medical illness. 

Types of events that Specialist Event Medical - Victoria can assist with include: 

 - Sporting events (Athletics, Swimming, Boating, Equestrian, Motor Sports)

 - Community events and festivals

 - Dance Parties or Music Festivals (single or multiple days)

 - Any private event with a risk of illness or injury

Specialist Event Medical - Victoria works both as an independent entity as well as in conjunction with other first aid or medical service providers for larger events. Service Providers are more than welcome to contact Specialist Event Medical - Victoria should they need assistance to provide best patient care at one of their events.