dextrose hanging on stainless steel IV stand
white blue and orange medication pill


Event Planning

 - Risk Assessment 

 - Resource Management

 - Development of Public Health control plans (such as Infections Control plans for Gastroenteritis or COVID-19)

 - Specialist Staff recruitment

 - Liaison with Other Agencies such as Ambulance Services, Police, First Aid and Support Providers

 - Negotiable fee for service, with emphasis on affordability

During the Event

 - Expert Clinical Oversight by Specialist Emergency Physician

 - Patient Flow Coordination for larger events

 - First Aid to Intensive Care level interventions

 - Public Health and Chronic Disease Management

 - Coordination or participation in Event-based Incident Management Team as needed

 - Real time notification of incidents to facilitate risk mitigation and correction

 - OH&S reporting as needed

For Your Guests

 - Expert Medical Care Any Time They Need It

 - Don't necessarily need to leave the event

 - Access to pain relief, antibiotics and other life saving treatments should the need arise 

 - Expert Communication with Private and Public Health Services to ensure excellent ongoing care

 - Access to Radiology and Pathology Services to expedite investigation of illness or injury

 - Provision of Medical Certificates where deemed necessary

 - Facilitate transport home or to an onward care facility as needed (Cost may apply)

Post Event

 - Rapid statistical analysis of the medical services provided 

 - Facilitation of Medical Debrief with appropriate Stakeholders